Thursday, May 12, 2011

artchoholic essentric

basicly art make me feel happy,calm when im doing it so far,something when i have problem or mel stress ngan asignment art buat mel cool kejap..mel lebih suke buat painting dari randering pen or pencil.
title:my happy crazy life,basicly it all about my life that very adventurous but with the happy ending,im using water color,poster coler,marker pen also chinese ink
title:faces,its just my metaphor to potrays peoples reaction toward something,im using  charcoal as my media

title:gossip girl,im using chinese ink and marker pen as my media

title:mohd azmil bin mohd amin,its potrays myself as  someone thats always have problem as my challenge,im using marker pen,poster color and chinese ink as my media to create this artwork

its azmyl ameen

its all about azmyl ameen,basicly my true name is mohd azmil bin mohd amin,but saje je nak komersialkan for my fashion label so that’s why la tukar kepada azmyl amen,so its simple but sweet,its it? Haha,im 20 years old this year,studying art and design and im focusing in fashion design already make me sick,haha,kidding! I love fashion so far so that’s why mel (my nickname) sanggup mengadap course ni so far.Born in johor bahru in a small family that make me learn a lot about life so far,I have one brother and twin brother that’s always make me sick,but im enjoying living with them,I love to try something new in my life like wearing crazy stuff such as pierceing,hehe.I love making art stuff and actually im very artchoholic person.